Gravitas is a musical journey featuring:

Narration by Alan Lightman

Music and Lyrics by Michael Frank

Shadow Movement by Theatre Artibus

Photography by Wendi Schneider

Musical Direction by John Hubert

Cantabile Choir of First Universalist Church and Orchestra

Inspired by the novel “Mr g”, a modern allegory of creation by acclaimed astrophysicist and creative writer Alan Lightman, Gravitas explores the creation of music, the influence of cause and effect on the formation of the universe, and cosmic reflections on the end of life. Visual, auditory and movement elements combine for an exhilarating multisensory experience.



Formed in 2011 through a love of tight blended harmony that enhanced church related music, Euphony’s subsequent repertoire evolved into an eclectic mix of classical, pop, jazz and spiritual treasures. For the group, the experience of singing challenging complex harmonies a cappella is an essential joy of life, and they strive to bring the same pleasure to their listeners. Performing in venues around Denver and Boulder, they often include their own arrangements of well-known pieces. Members include: Allison Smith (soprano), Wendy Cromley (alto), Woody Emlen (tenor) and Christian Onsager (bass).